Aker Systems

Delivering trusted environments

Our mission is to protect your organisation

Aker Systems designs, builds and continuously improves its Hardened Cloud Environment™ and entity matching products for Government and private sector customers. We use proprietary blueprints, automation and DevSecOps support teams to provide totally secure solutions for our customers whilst at the same time delivering quantifiable value to their businesses.

Hardened Cloud Environment™

Our Blueprints and advanced Operating Models turn Public Cloud services into highly secure private environments for our customers, delivering performance improvements while reducing costs.


An innovative entity resolution solution, providing real time matching at speed and scale with improved levels of accuracy and learning through the use of an advanced data model and our specially designed Algorithm Volley™


An airline specific passenger matching service providing realtime checks for those barred from boarding by airlines and/or who appear on 3rd party watch lists. SafeBoard™ protects passenger safety and airline margins.


Our Hardened Cloud Environment™ uses elements of artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation and self healing to ensure that customer environments are highly resilient and fully protected against internal and external threats.

The Aker Systems LearnID and SafeBoard products combine up to 8 algorithms each with the capacity to make over 200 million real time comparisons per day – approximately 7 x faster than our most performant competitors.

This use of learning and proactive healing technologies enables our staff to focus on what is critical to our customers’ business requirements while our AI solution components manage much of what would usually be resource-hungry activities.

Who we are

The Aker Systems team is made up of experienced, security cleared, subject matter experts who are dedicated to creating highly secure and performant solutions for our customers

Our innovative DevSecOps approach ensures the highest level of knowledge and support for our bespoke applications… 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Blueprints and advanced Operating Models turn Public Cloud services into highly secure private environments for our customers.

Aker Systems - Who we are

Aker Systems provides next generation protection for your organisation

Organisations must constantly evolve in order to remain relevant and successful. This is particularly true of the security, platforms and entity matching landscapes.

Aker Systems’s Hardened Cloud Environment™ and entity matching products are the most forward-looking solutions on the market. They provide new levels of protection, performance and cost-effectiveness in addition to offering more flexibility and scalability than our competitors. This is underpinned by our specialist teams, who constantly work to refine and improve our technology stack and operating model

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