SafeBoard™ ensures that potentially troublesome passengers cannot put the operating margin and good reputation of your airline at risk.

Specifically developed for the airline industry – our management team is comprised of aviation veterans who are very aware of the cost (to reputation and bottom line) of onboarding challenging passengers. Missed slots, diversions, potential third party liabilities and EU 261 all drive significant costs for an industry operating on thin margins.

Powered by LearnID™

SafeBoard™ is built around our advanced entity matching system, LearnID™, to deliver highly advanced person matching technology. It utilises the latest developments in machine learning and provides complete protection against passengers who attempt to mask their identity in order to fly.

Identifies denied passengers by overcoming common issues including:

Translation and transliteration errors

Obfuscation by passengers or 3rd parties

Miskeying and data quality

Increase your security by gaining access to 3rd party watch lists

We believe that if a passenger is on a watch list with one airline then they are probably of interest to all airlines.

SafeBoard™ has the option to share passenger watch lists of other subscribing airlines (source anonymised) on the basis that your passenger watch lists are shared with our other customers (also source anonymised).

In addition, airlines can optionally subscribe to commercially available watch list data providing an additional layer of comfort that troublesome passengers will be denied boarding.

SafeBoard™ integrates seamlessly into airlines’ business processes

We have designed SafeBoard™ to be quickly and cost effectively deployed to integrate into your current system architecture and business processes. Depending on what systems are in use we may already have the ability to access your live reservation and departure control systems.

Directly interfaces with airline systems

Import from Spreadsheet & CSV files

Direct entry through secure webpage

Alerting via SMS, email and web

Always on

Fully redundant service provision from multiple Safe Harbour compliant Data Centres – SafeBoard™ is provided as a mission critical service, we operate on an always available basis to align with our customers who operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Priced to ensure value for all airlines

SafeBoard™ is broadly priced by passenger volume meaning that Tier 3 & 4 operators can enjoy the margin and reputation protection benefits of our service at a price point that ensures value for money for them.

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