Committed to health and wellbeing

People are the heart of our business. Our dedicated and highly skilled team are the foundation for our success. We proactively invest in the physical and mental health of our people with our wellness programme.

Partnership with Simon Roberts Coaching

We partner with Simon Roberts a performance and wellness coach. Simon provides monthly advice and guidance to help and support our team.

Simon runs fun and enlightening sessions that have contributed greatly to the team's energy and welfare. Simon has been engaged with us for over a year and the feedback has been excellent.

As part of our continued commitment to support our dynamic team, everyone has the opportunity to engage with Simon on a one-to-one basis if desired.

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An introduction to our wellness programme

Wellness subjects


Improved understanding about eating a healthy and balanced diet, and how to make better food choices more easily.

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How to sleep better. Why it is essential for maintaining good mental and physical health - as important as eating, drinking and breathing.

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Intentional movement

Consciously integrating movement into as many aspects of life as possible. The positive effects it has on our brain and how it reduces risk of disease.

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Being outside

The importance and benefits of sunlight, walking and spending time in nature and around trees.

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Breathing and relaxation

How to clear our minds and focus on the present moment. The importance of resetting our minds and bodies and becoming more and more you.

Cold therapy

A holistic approach to coping with stress both in the moment and through long-term lifestyle changes.

Creating positive habits

How to create long lasting habits that keep you moving forward consistently whilst being kind to yourself.

We attract and retain some of the best talent in the industry. Their wellbeing is paramount to us and I am delighted that this initiative has created so much engagement.
It is a genuine privilege to be working with such an innovative and forward thinking company who’s clear directive is focused on supporting and investing in the future wellbeing of their team.

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