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LearnID™ next generation entity matching at speed and scale.

We set out to deliver a set of key differentiators

Highly accurate

Through the use of two-way matching and by significantly reducing false positives, we have vastly improved the quality of operator interventions and reduced the number of operators required for any given use case

Always available

LearnID™ has true 24/7 availability with no single point of failure. Aker has delivered the service to ensure that even usually catastrophic failures, such as a planned message queue switchover coinciding with an unplanned communications link outage, are still absorbed.

LearnID Bespoke


LearnID is provided as a SaaS solution with Data Scientists and Engineers provided as part of the service. Each customer receives an optimised data model - in addition to scaling and business controls - specific to their use case and platform


Our communicator module can ingest over a billion records per day, with output and matching decisions delivered in real time for more than 200 million records per day. The LearnID™ service autoscales on demand across the full delivery stack.

Persistent learning

LearnID is constantly learning and creating new connections between the entities that it processes. This learning is automatically persisted to maximise value derived from the data and drive improved business outcomes.

LearnID™ excels at entity matching

Matching exact strings such as credit card, phone and ticket numbers is a straightforward exercise: even if some of the string is missing, possible matches can rapidly be narrowed down to a definitive list. Inexact strings, such as names, are far more challenging to match.
To date, solutions for entity matching have made much use of name dictionaries, and a limited number of algorithms, to produce matches for names and other inexact strings.

At Aker Systems we have found a better way to perform entity matching: LearnID™ can accommodate name variations in real time without having to rely upon name dictionaries which, by definition, are only useful for known names and variations.

Using a combination of an advanced data model, multiple algorithms in concert and machine learning, Aker Systems has developed a revolutionary entity matching solution, thus providing unrivalled accuracy, speed, resilience and scalability for security applications across Government, Intelligence and Finance sectors. 


LearnID™ – next generation entity matching at speed and scale

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