Kitesh Mistry

Service Delivery Director

Kitesh started as a developer before moving into data, working on enterprise level BI data and integration projects. With a strong data foundation established, he moved into the leadership of key transformation projects, growing and developing technical teams in organisations including Sky, Betfair and Sage. He has pushed the boundaries of how data is traditionally handled, from complex integration to storage, through leveraging cloud, big data and open source services. 

Career highlights include leading organisations through their global data and cloud transformation programs, and in particular playing an integral part in Sky Adsmart. This enabled real-time decisioning during major sporting events, delivering substantial cost savings. He has delivered similar change and optimisation programmes across broadcast, telecommunication, advertising sales, and gaming, whilst remaining at the forefront of industry innovation.

Aker has a family feel. Many companies say that they are a family but Aker really does feel like one; everyone looks out for each other